Merry REINCARNATION! We Did It! Film Makes 9th Smash Week NYC!

I am sitting in the Zurich airport about to fly off for a much needed holiday with my love. One of those holidays that is not a luxury but a requirement. I am leaving the film in such capable hands – with Stefanie Diaz and Madeleine Ranges – in my office and with my distributor ­– Erin Owens at Long Shot Factory. And a host of others helping across the country to get the film out city by city, including my valiant Executive Producer Joanna Plafsky who is down in Florida this month doing Q + A’s in my stead.

There are never enough hands, nor enough funds for small film distribution, but the wave is growing and many people are spreading the word around the country with their combined efforts and love of MY REINCARNATION. We have widened the circle with hosted screenings of such gorgeous variety of Hosts from various religions and beliefs. This very week included a Yantra Yoga Instructor, Naomi Zeitz, a Rabbi, Rabbi David Ingber, a Tibetan Medicine Doctor, Menpa Phuntsog Wangmo, and a Catholic Parish Priest Father Michael Holleran. What I have learned about this film is that it speaks to all denominations and can be used to facilitate discussion on so many topics, including Atheism!

One of the most exciting ways to create outreach and dialogue around the film is through Hosted Screenings. I would like to extend my thanks to John DiLeva Halpern and Alan Steinfeld for helping us and being fantastic hosts. We’d like to continue this wonderful dialogue by setting up new MY REINCARNATION Hosted Screenings in other cities as the film opens across the USA.  If you or someone you know would like to do “Question and Answer Sessions” after any given screening, please contact Madeleine at Zohe Films today!

Sitting in this airport, flying once again, I think back to the whole long journey of the year and how far MY REINCARNATION has come. It started with a huge funding debt. With the help of a fantastic team – Lisa Duva, Katherine Nolfi, Stefanie and hundreds of people around the world – the film broke all funding records with Kickstarter. From a film that couldn’t get into any USA film festivals, the film premiered at the Hamptons International Film Festival in October and launched in NYC with the honored support of Khyentse Yeshe, the film’s protagonist and son of Choegyal Namkhai Norbu to fabulous reviews and is now booked in 37 cities! Meanwhile the film continues to show at festivals worldwide, in the cinema in Switzerland, and will soon to open theatrically with W-Film in Germany.

All I want to say is thank you to the thousands of people who have helped the film and enjoyed the film around the world. Thank you to the organizations who have so graciously assisted us along the way, including Hartley Film Foundation, Impact Partners, and Tibet House (both Robert and Ganden Thurman). Thank you. The web is growing and growing and it has been an amazing year. Thank you mostly to the film’s protagonist Choegyal Namkhai Norbu and his son Khyentse Yeshe, for offering their story for all of us to share and experience.

With Gratitude to them and you,

Sending Love,




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