Unprecedented 6th Smash Week in NYC & Opening Second NYC Theater! 4th Smash Week Santa Fe! MORE NEW CITIES!

With your help, MY REINCARNATION was held over for a 6th Week at NYC’s Cinema Village this week and will open next week at another New York Cinema: Indiescreen in Brooklyn! Let’s keep it at Cinema Village and in New York City until Christmas.

It has also been held over a 4th Week in Santa Fe, NM and is opening in Albuquerque, NM, Portland, Oregon, Gainesville, Florida and in two cinemas in San Francisco! Believe it or not, the film is now booked in 32 cities and every week the numbers grow! Check out our Screenings Calendar each week or go to our In Theater Now page on Facebook. If you do not see the film in your city on our Screenings Calendar, please click on our newest feature, Demand It! to request the film and we will get it to your city soon! Be sure to pass the link to your friends and those who want to see MY REINCARNATION in their city!

We have some wonderful events with screenings in NYC this week: (Of course, the film is also showing every day all week in NYC, so don’t wait for an event, feel free to see it any night!)

  • Today, Wednesday, November 30, at the 7:00 PM show at NYC’S Cinema Village. Co-Hosted by Dr. Michael Katz, psychologist/author of TIBETAN DREAM YOGA. Post screening discussion about the “Dream Yoga” taught and practiced in the film by the protagonist and spiritual Teacher, Choegyal Namkhai Norbu.
  • Friday, December 2, at the 5:25 PM show at NYC’S Cinema Village. Co-hosted by filmmaker John Dileva Halpern (REFUGE: THE JOURNEYS). Post screening discussion about “Spirituality in Film and Art”
  • Sunday, December 4, at the 5:25 PM show at NYC’S Cinema Village. Co-hosted by Rabbi Simon Jacobson of the Meaningful Life Center. Post screening discussion “On Meditation & Reincarnation in the Mystical Teachings”
  • Tuesday, December 6 at the 5:25 PM show at NYC’S Cinema Village. Co-hosted by Dr. Sue Shapiro, psychologist/author. Post screening discussion on “The Parallels between Psychotherapy and Spiritual Work”

Thanks to all of you, MY REINCARNATION is doing fabulously in the cinema for a tiny film like this. Without a budget for advertising, we depend on your word-of-mouth to tell your friends and communities about the film. So please keep spreading the word.

One of the most exciting ways to create outreach and dialogue around the film is through Hosted Screenings like the ones in NYC above. We’d like to continue this wonderful dialogue by setting up new MY REINCARNATION Hosted Screening in other cities as the film opens across the USA.  Please send us your suggestions for groups or speakers who might like to do “Question and Answer Sessions” after any given screening.

What does it mean to “Host a Screening”? Using a screening date and time where the film is already booked in the cinema near you (check screening schedule for a theater date/time), your group can become “Hosts” of the screening date you choose. Hosting means using the film event to start discussions around similar themes and topics that relate to your group. To support your efforts, we will give 5 free tickets to the group or person hosting. The person/group then talks at the end of the screening about the relationship between their topic and the themes in MY REINCARNATION (about 20 minutes). Hosts are welcome to handout flyers for their group/topic after their hosted screening and can their sell books and DVDs (if the theater allows). People who have hosted so far are organizations related to yoga, Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, Jewish meditation, kabbalah, psychology, dreaming, cultural identity, spiritual filmmaking and on.  Please contact us today with suggestions of possible hosts or tell us if you’d like to host a screening yourself in any city.

And don’t forget to share your spiritual story this holiday season on our SHARE YOUR STORY site. If you want to be uplifted, read and watch the beautiful stories already submitted there today.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Love and Gratitude,




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