An Issue of Life and Death

Christa Bella
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See this face. I saw this face while working my train on 4.15.11. I was serving passengers when I turned and saw him. My jaw nearly hit the floor. It felt like I was IN John Lennon’s presence. I was amazed no one else seemed to notice. When it was his turn to order and he spoke, I nearly died! It was John’s with an American accent!!! Only his name was Micheal (something unpronounceable). Oh yeah, he was born in ’84.

This is what I posted originally to my Facebook wall. What I didn’t post was this…

Earlier that day my husband, after stopping by for lunch and then dropping me back off at the train station, spotted a mother duck with her goslings on the freeway entrance. All the cars around him were working to give this family wide berth, but he was the only one who decided to pull over and try to get them off the road. As he started walking toward them, after getting out of his car, another driver suddenly speed through and ran over the entire family…killing every single one them. He called me devastated and in shock.

I’m relaying this, because his call was still affecting me as I was doing my best to smile and take care of the passengers on my train…but my smile was very strained and my heart was VERY angry and upset.

…and that is where my thoughts were when I spotted this face.

Another thing I didn’t mention…

…this ‘Micheal’ in line literally glowed with a golden aura. He made everyone’s else’s aura around him seem gray and dull. BUT, he was incredibly soft spoken and humble. His presence had no pretenses about it. He was just a young man, albeit a perfect appearing man, placing an order.

When the line finally abated later that day and I had a moment to think about the encounter. I thought to myself…I want to see that face again, just to make sure I just wasn’t seeing things. That is when I began a thought process which included recalling the violent way John Lennon had died. I then remembered a dream I had had of him visiting me, and what he said to me in that dream, “It’s okay. I understand now.” I reviewed in my mind the feelings of confusion and wonder I had felt when I woke up the next morning to hear that he had been killed while I slept and dreamed of this visit. These memories then flowed into thoughts of about how Brianstalin had matched other members of my family, including my husband, to some violent ways they had died in some of their other lives, followed by me recalling my husband’s call earlier that day.

I wanted to see that face again. Hear that voice. Feel that aura.

Then my guides spoke inside my head, saying…’You saw EXACTLY what you needed to see at that moment. No more, no less.” I asked them, “What did I see?” They told me I saw, for a moment, through the illusion of death…and life.

“I believe in God, but not as one thing, not as an old man in the sky. I believe that what people call God is something in all of us. I believe that what Jesus and Mohammed and Buddha and all the rest said was right. It’s just that the translations have gone wrong. I believe in something, definitely. I believe there is a force at work that you can’t physically account for.” John Lennon

Addendum 10.31.11:

Is this ‘Michael’ the reincarnation of John Lennon? The Akashic records are VERY specific and reading them accurately, like learning anything that takes great skill, requires much objectivity. We can be easily distracted and lead astray by false assumptions and so called ‘enlightenments.’

This is a response from my teacher, Brianstalin, when a friend asked regarding this. I personally did not really feel a need to know if he was Lennon incarnated again, because the lesson I got from the experience did not depend on knowing.

“What you witnessed was a clue. These clues are all around us and can be found in the most unexpected places. However, these clues can be misleading, if not treated with great objectivity and care. There are many hidden forces that will seek to divert our arrows of insight into the nearest tree and cause them to get stuck there.

The Akashic Records tell us that there is a close connection between Ann Boleyn and Queen Victoria and also between Elvis and Ramtha. Just how close this connection is can be experienced directly by anyone skilled in metaphysics who has also been specifically trained in this area of knowledge. The practical demonstration of how soul groups interact down the time line of history using facial comparisons as a guide and confirmation is a valid way to explain things to the uninitiated. At least, up to a point. However, because of the subtle complexities and certain hidden factors involved in these little understood processes, those truly skilled in metaphysics are advised to present any conclusions as being open for consideration and further exploration. While there is, indeed, only one correct version of reality as perceived within the framework of mass consciousness, it is never the ultimate truth. Very much as history books present only one version of reality based upon the known facts. The ultimate goal is to transcend all illusion, not to remain stuck within it forever.

The real key to escaping the endless cycle of reincarnation is the profound and direct understanding of what is actually being constantly recycled. In the end, it is only a tiny, negatively programmed and self-destructive part of us. If we cling too closely to it and identify too much with it, we remain trapped in perpetual delusion and egoistic role play with little hope of any real and lasting spiritual fulfillment.” BS



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