Auction SUCCESS! / Your Creativity needed! / 4 Days Left Last AUCTION

Thanks to all of you, our auction this week for the American TV PR Campaign for MY REINCARNATION was a huge success! Khyentse Yeshe’s words of wisdom – that ‘we fail until we succeed’ – were in full operating mode the last days. Both precious auction items sold in a last minute bidding frenzy. The Tara Statue donated by Rinpoche sold for $6,501and the Vajrasatva Thangka donated by…

“Never Too Old to Fail”/ Another Video OFF with Rinpoche! / 2 Days Left Auction!

I remember when I first met Khyentse Yeshe, the son and protagonist in MY REINCARNATION, he said to me in an off handed way, “Whenever you try to do something difficult, you fail and fail and fail, until you succeed.” At first I didn’t relate at all. The word “failure” is very un-American. In fact it is something almost extinct from the American business and political vocabulary. But…

“Moving Pains” / New Outtake From the Film / Auction 4 days Left! / 80 Day Count Down POV-TV

People think I am a gypsy, and from all external measures I seem to be so. But I have one little secret: I have lived in the same loft in Tribeca, in Manhattan, for thirty years. Meanwhile, my boyfriend has lived in his same apartment in Zurich for fifteen years, ten of which we have been together. Recently though, he found a new larger place to live and proposed moving. I agreed with him, all…

“You Have to Pay for Your Passion” / MY REINCARNATION Auction Countdown Now!

OK so I admit it, I am one of the privileged human beings who gets to travel the world making films from my passion like MY REINCARNATION. These last days, I was in Bucharest at One World Romania, where they were doing a retrospective of my work and premiering MY REINCARNATION.  I also gave a Masterclass in a way cool, coffee lounge at the Orange Store there. For those of you have not been to…

“Art Comes From Need” / MY REINCARNATION: Why Now?

This weekend, in the midst of the second year of MY REINCARNATION’s international tour, I came across this poster at a screening at the Kunstmuseum in Bern, Swizerland: “Art Comes From Need.” I had to pause for a moment, and then a second moment, and then again. ‘Yes,’ my heart said to myself: ‘I make films out of need, absolute need. Desperate need.’ Then another thought, ‘And…

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