Goldie Hawn, 50 Cent, & I: MY REINCARNATION – 7th Fantastic Week in NYC! 32 Cities!

Well I know everyone thinks I am the most outgoing person around, but the truth is I am still shy from my ugly duckling childhood and honestly I am not much of a networker. Last night, my friend Alan Steinfeld took me to ABC Carpet to hear Deepak Chopra and Goldie Hawn speak about her Children’s Foundation. On the way in Alan asked me did I bring a DVD to give to Deepak of the film? “No,…

Share Your Story: Khyentse Yeshe talks about reincarnation

Khyentse Yeshe

My Reincarnation Opening Weekend Screening Dates and Times!

My Reincarnation opens in theaters New York and Los Angeles this weekend, and it’s important that you, our catalysts and beloved audience, go out to see it! Here’s the information for this weekend’s screenings: New York Cinema Village 22 East 12 Street (between University Place & Fifth Avenue) TICKETS AND SHOWTIMES: Cinema Village & (212) 924-3363 Friday 10/28 (New…

MY REINCARNATION Tonight at Bordocs in Tijuana Mexico!

Last night I flew into San Diego in the middle of the region’s electricity failure. It was spooky sailing over skyscrapers that look like hulking shadows beneath us. The runway lights were on, but the airport itself was completely dark and empty. Still, we manually received our bags and outside waited a kind helper named Jose from the US State Department to drive me across the border, where…

QUOTE from CHOEGYAL NAMKHAI NORBU, Conway, USA, 1982 (Green Book Vol.1)

“Self-Liberation means to integrate with whatever it is so there is no subject and no object. So you don’t stay with a situation where that, whatever that is, is bothering me, whatever ‘me’ is. But I myself, the ‘me’, is in the same condition as that. We say that in the knowledge of the state of ‘Rigpa’, even a big fish jumps and you’re…

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