HELP! What To Do If You Can’t Find the MY REINCARNATION on TV in Your Area? URGENT INFO

MY REINCARNATION is now slated to air on 209 television stations during prime time in the USA!

As wonderful as this is, I know some of you have encountered obstacles to find the film  in your region due to the fact that it is not airing on the same date and time in all cities. The reason for this has nothing to do with our film. This year, for bureaucratic reasons, PBS switched the night that the POV series airs from Tuesday to Thursday.  This created  havoc for many of the local stations as they already had their own programs scheduled on Thursday nights. (In fact, there was such an outcry about this from the independent film community that PBS rescinded their decision and next year they will move the POV series back to earlier in the week on the national grid! But this does not help the MY REINCARNATION broadcast!)

To help solve this, we have just put up the MY REINCARNATION broadcast schedule by city on our MY REINCARNATION website. Due to the size of America this does not cover everyone. However, don’t despair! Public Television will continue to program the film many times everywhere for the next three years, so it will eventually air in all corners of the USA.

In the meantime, there is a second option for people to see the film: MY REINCARNATION will be streaming for free for the next two months on the POV website starting June 22nd!  So you can tell everyone who misses the broadcast or who doesn’t have the film programed their area right now to go to POV and watch the film online.

But the work isn’t over yet! We need all your support to reach out to your friends and acquaintances in your area and across America and help them Find The Film or let them know that they can watch it Streaming On-Line on POV. How to help spread the word? Facebook the information, tweet it, send out to your email list, write to any organizations whose members you think might like to tune-In, and of course, “sing it from the treetops!’ Try to get your local community and religious groups to post the local air date and time on their websites.

Meanwhile, I wanted to share this very special review of MY REINCARNATION in the Wall Street Journal! Enjoy! There are lots more coming!

On the front lines: I arrived in Los Angeles last night after 18 hours of travel. This morning at 4:30 AM, I began doing press for the film. This afternoon, I had the great fortune to meet film protagonist and Spiritual Master, Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche, who arrived from Hawaii at 9:00 AM to continue his USA Teaching Tour. A Press Person came from New York to prepare us for the Satellite Television Tour tomorrow morning. The car service will come at 5:00 AM to pick up Rinpoche, Fabio, his assistant, and I to go the TV Studio and he and I will be doing TV interviews in eleven TV markets for two and a half hours in the morning! I hope to have some pictures to share in the next few days.

Deep thanks to all of you for your endless support. I hope the film will give back to the world for decades and inspire many….

Sending Love,




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  1. Donna says:

    Where can Canadians access the movie? Do we need to purchase it?
    kind regards,

  2. Jennifer Fox says:

    Hi Donna,

    Yes you will have to buy the DVD on line. You can get it on our website. Sadly we don’t have a Canadian distributor. Check our website in a few days and we will have it set up to buy.

    Best Jennifer