From the Director: The World Premiere of “MY REINCARNATION”!

It is Monday, October 18, and tomorrow the film MY REINCARNATION will have it’s first screening in the world at the Leipzig Film Festival.

Right now I am about to head to the airport in Leipzig where Yeshi Namkhai is about to arrive to be at the film’s premiere and answer questions with the audience. I am excited and proud that this day has finally come.

Twenty-two years ago when I started to film Chögyal Namkhai Norbu – and soon after his son, Yeshi – I could never have imagined that the story that unraveled would occur. Not only did their lives go through endless changes – after all as Norbu Rinpoche says frequently, “this is the nature of samsara’ – but the world changed profoundly many times over as well. Who would have thought that it would take twenty-two years to make one film or that at the end would emerge not just one spiritual teacher but two. I am grateful to the entire Namkhai family for being so generous as to allow the camera into their lives over and over again. Their faith and openness is unprecedented. I look forward to this film about their lives slowly making its way now out into the world over the next years, to millions seeing their story, and being as touched as I have been by these two men, father and son.

Check back in a few days and I’ll report on the premiere in the Leipzig Film Festival! Exciting days!

Jennifer Fox, October 18, 2010