Happy New Year!

MR Blog NNR01 150x112 Happy New Year!I wanted to wish everyone a happy, healthy, prosperous, peaceful and loving New Year! And especially to our film subjects — Chögyal Namkhai Norbu and his son, Yeshi.

Rinpoche had some real health scares this December, but he is recovering well and I pray that 2011 will find his force rejuvenated to continue a long life and the marvelous teaching schedule he has ahead of him!

MR Blog NewYear01 150x112 Happy New Year!Like many New Yorkers, I found myself snowed in this holiday when a blizzard hit the area on December 26th. In twenty years of living in New York, I never saw a storm like that one! On our street, the plow truck ran into a car and our street was closed for the night. Meanwhile, another bus got stuck a half a block away and cars were backed up and drivers stranded with motors running all night long. The city remained snowed in all week.

MR Blog NewYear02 112x150 Happy New Year!For my partner and I, who had planned a quiet week off resting, we enjoyed the storm. We watched from big loft windows as the snow swirling down on the city and only left the warm house to play outside with in the powder with the dog. When we finally did drive from New York to visit my friend Paula in Western, Massachusetts on December 30th, we were shocked to find that outside the city there was only a light dusting of snow! It only goes to show how myopic human vision is: we always think what we are facing, must be everyone’s experience!

Now the new year 2011 has begun. Everything is jumping back to life and to work! We have news of three exciting festivals invitations for MY REINCARNATION for 2011 in Switzerland, Poland and New Zealand. Check out our Screenings Calendar for exact dates and locations on the site. There is lots of MR news that will be rolling out in the next weeks and new videos to be posted!

Stay tuned: Until later…