Join Us! MY REINCARNATION opens theatrically in NYC and LA!

It’s been an intense summer – with more new support from fantastic patrons all over the world. Now, it is with great joy that I am able to announce the MY REINCARNATION USA Theatrical Release starting October 28th in New York City’s, Cinema Village Theater, and in Los Angeles’s, Laemmle Monica Theater, distributed by LONG SHOT FACTORY. The press has just begun to roll in:

Be enthralled by interpretations of human existence….”


“ …A conflict in astonishingly candid detail.
Both an intimate portrait of a Guru and a tender coming of age story that becomes a universal exploration of identity, mortality and personal growth.


Enormous thanks to all of you who have supported the film over many years and various stages and helped it to achieve this dream of an American Theatrical Tour. Film Protagonist, Khyentse Yeshe arrived in New York on Monday and will accompany the film to its festival premiere at the Hamptons Film Festival and for a month of events and screenings, where he will be doing question and answers sessions with the film and I on the East Coast. He will also give rare teachings in both, Amherst, MA and New York City during this period.

MY REINCARNATION is a great tool for starting dialogue about crucial topics for our times: such as fathers & sons, spirituality, love, family, cultural identity, exile, the Tibetan diaspora – and past and future lives.  To support this discussion, we just launched an exciting new web campaign co-sponsored with Tibet House, Tibet Fund and the Interdependence Project! Come visit our dialogue space SEE THE FILM + SHARE YOUR STORY and share your thoughts and stories….

But it’s just the beginning. MY REINCARNATION is now booked theatrically in 10 cities, with the goal of having the film play all over America. The industry will look at how well the film does at the box office in NYC and LA the first weekend and week to see if the film is worth booking other cities. If the film does well, the film will be held over for a second week and third week in NY and LA and other theaters will jump on board to show it around the country. Our goal is at least a 3-week run in each location! (The industry abroad also looks at the US box office results to determine if they will distribute the film in their territory ­– so this a crucial moment for the film in the world cinema!)

We need your help to spread the word! You did it before with the Kickstarter campaign – breaking all records – and proving that there is a huge audience for MY REINCARNATION! Now, let’s show the film industry how important MY REINCARNATION is and get this crucial film into cinemas across the country for everyone to see, share and discuss.

Here are some concrete things you can do to help:

  • Go see the film in NYC or LA Opening Weekend or Week. Buy a block of tickets and take your friends & family & neighbors!
  • Write a Personal Email to all your friends& family & neighbors announcing the NYC & LA Openings. (If you are abroad, tell your USA friends!)
  • Put the announcement on your Facebook Page or other social Network sites you’re on. (Our twitter handle is @reincarnationmy) Do a Countdown, blog, post, update, comment, rejoice!
  • On Monday Oct 24th, we will have a link to ticket sales, which you can include in your announcement as well.
  • Write an email to all the social groups you know, such as other Family, Buddhist, Yoga, Spiritual, Religious, Film, Book, Tibetan, or any other organizations, asking them to post a notice about the film opening on their website. We can provide a discount code for group ticket purchases. Contact for details.
  • Include information about the film in an upcoming newsletter or events calendar.
  • “Share Your Story” on and pass the link to others to share. LETS MAKE THIS A INTERNATIONAL DISCUSSION SPACE!
  • We can provide Postcards & Mini Posters to anyone who wants to place them in good public spaces, organizations or businesses. To request postcards or mini posters, contact
  • “LIKE” the MY REINCARNATION Facebook Page. Ask your friends to LIKE the MR Facebook Page.
  • Spread the word by linking and sharing the banners on our page! Click here for more graphics!
Please take a look at our sidebar for all the crucial dates we have booked so far. Every week we will be adding more theatrical opening in new cities, so check the Screening Page often and spread the word!
MY REINCARNATION is an unstoppable movement and you are part of it. Let’s bring this family story about identity, spirituality and the value of Tibetan culture into homes across America! More to follow….

With love and gratitude,

Jennifer Fox



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