MY REINCARNATION US Television Madness! Tune In June 21st / New Rinpoche Video OFF #11

I am so proud and excited that the time has finally come that MY REINCARNATION will air on national primetime US television as the Opening Show of the 25th Anniversary 2012 POV series on PBS on June 21st, 2012 at 10PM EST (check local listings for exact schedule time in your region).

Please pass the word to everyone you know in America to tune into the film on Thursday, June 21st! Without big bucks, we need each person to tell your friends and family about the broadcast to make sure everyone gets to see this important and moving story about a father’s and son’s struggle to save their endangered spiritual culture. Facebook, Tweet it, eblast and sing it to the tree tops!

Meanwhile, POV has created a wonderful free study guide to use to go deeper and unpack questions within the film’s narrative on religion, identity, spirituality, indigenous culture, Tibetan Buddhism and family. The guide can be used to spark discussion in schools, religious and community groups, and even with your friends and family as you watch the film. Click here to get your MY REINCARNATION Study Guide.

As fate and luck would have it, the film’s protagonist and Buddhist Master, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, is beginning his American Teaching Tour prior to the broadcast and will be teaching across America afterward the film airs. He begins to teach in Hawaii tomorrow (6/13-17) and then continues on to Los Angeles (6/22-24), New York (6/29-7/1) and Massachusetts (7/4-10). So you can see Rinpoche on television in the film and then meet him, hear him teach and speak to him in person at any of these locations. To find where he will be near you, click here.

I myself will have the pleasure to meet Rinpoche again in Los Angeles, where I will arrive from Amsterdam on June 18th. There Rinpoche and I will do a virtual Satellite Media Press Tour, where journalists can call in across America to talk to him and I in a Television Studio in LA on June 20th – the day before the broadcast! So look for Rinpoche on your local stations, talking about the film and his life!

As a continued sign of our enormous thanks to all of you, we have edited another new video outtake from the film! In O.F.F. #11: “You Have Learned Nothing Yet!” (2002) Chögyal Namkhai Norbu tells about meeting his root Teacher Changchub Dorje in Tibet. Changchub Dorje was not a scholar. In fact, he could barely read or write. Yet, he taught Namkhai Norbu the real meaning of Dzogchen.

Please spread the word to everyone you know to tune into the MY REINCARNATION Broadcast on POV on national US TV on June 21st at 10PM EST! Let’s make this a huge television event and get everyone talking about the profound issues of faith, identity, family, the meaning of spiritual practice and the importance of saving the endangered Tibetan spiritual culture. Meanwhile, you can still catch the film in cinemas and community groups across the country, so if you prefer to see it on the big screen, check out our Screenings Calendar!

With Love and Gratitude,




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