MY REINCARNATION Tonight at Bordocs in Tijuana Mexico!

Last night I flew into San Diego in the middle of the region’s electricity failure. It was spooky sailing over skyscrapers that look like hulking shadows beneath us. The runway lights were on, but the airport itself was completely dark and empty. Still, we manually received our bags and outside waited a kind helper named Jose from the US State Department to drive me across the border, where my hotel and the festival organizers waited in the blackout. It was a strange sight approaching the beaming hotel, glowing with generator light in the otherwise dark city of Tijuana. All was fine, and I fell asleep in the comfort of a hotel room that could have been anywhere — New York, Zurich, Paris. Today the world is back to normal and electricity is everywhere. I walk around the city and speak Spanish. Tonight will be a projection of MY REINCARNATION for the first time in Mexico at Bordocs Festival. I can’t wait! Tomorrow, I will teach a Master class about the film and the work. Then I will fly home to NYC on September 11th… Stay Tuned.



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