For all of you who have not been able to get into the sold out screenings of the film, please try to come to the last IDFA screening in Amsterdam on Friday, November 26 at 11 am in the Munt Cinema 11 in Amsterdam. Pass the word! I will already be gone, but Babeth M. Van Loo, our co-producer from the Buddhist Broadcast Foundation, will be there to answer questions after the screening.

It has been an excellent launch in Amsterdam — only missing Yeshi Namkhai from the question and answer sessions! It was so great to have him at the Leipzig Film Festival in OctoberI So much more playful and funny! In Amsterdam and Florence, I found myself often saying to people’s probing questions, “You have to ask Yeshi and Rinpoche yourself!” I look forward to Rinpoche and Yeshi being at some of the screenings in the future! (I had asked the festival IDFA if we could do a web question and answer with Yeshi from Mexico where he was teaching, but they said they had bad experiences with this in the past and so did not want to try it now.)

We have started to add the video component and have been videotaping the festival for the web site. The last video added today includes peoples reaction after the film screening. It was amazing to hear the feedback – from non-Buddhist, Buddhists and even Tibetans – to the film. The two Tibetans in this video had such a strong and positive take on this unusually intimate story — I was so pleased. It will be powerful to show the film to Tibetan communities around the world and create a whole new and rich dialogue. (See AMSTERDAM Video 3).

I will write more in the next days. But I am a little overwhelmed! Wow! It is all very positive for the future of the film distribution in the world. Only problem is – with all the running around I now have a horrible cold – and laryngitis! No talking for me for a while…

I have to fly to Denmark tomorrow. Not looking forward to plane travel with this cold!



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