An Issue of Life and Death

Christa Bella Sacramento, CA. Website See this face. I saw this face while working my train on 4.15.11. I was serving passengers when I turned and saw him. My jaw nearly hit the floor. It felt like I was IN John Lennon’s presence. I was amazed no one else seemed to notice. When it was his turn to order and he spoke, I nearly died! It was…

He sits like a lion in the sun

Ken Hubbell United States We lost a dear friend last week. Homework buddy, foot warmer, tea party guest, string chaser, snake killer, varmint catcher, sometimes nuisance, always friend – he will be missed. The sound of him padding up and down the stairs, calling from the door, purr-motor racing will forever echo in our home; every rustle of the wind…

When the Student is Ready; the Teacher Arrives

Chris Flisher Boston, MA We are all travelers with tales to tell. Some of us have had good fortune and some have had bad. What is important is that we evolve and expand in some manner as we make that journey. Whether it is emotional depth we gain, or intellectual vision, or the lightness of simply being, the results are a composite of our impressions and lessons. How…


  Kris Warrenburg Today I went to the conversation at Rowdy Hall before seeing the film, so some comments were out of context for me. By trade I’m a graphic designer. I’ve been meditating for some time, learning to be present, in the NOW. What clicked for me was a comment that Yeshi made about being like a CHILD and PLAYING with one’s work. (Is…

My first spiritual experience

Jennifer Fox Director, My Reincarnation When I was very young, we lived in the suburbs, which was more like the country side. Across from our home was a sheep farm and in another direction was a vast wooded area, where there was a walking trail. My memory is that I used to wander in the woods alone when I was 5 and 6 years old, but perhaps I was with…

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