HELP! What To Do If You Can’t Find the MY REINCARNATION on TV in Your Area? URGENT INFO

MY REINCARNATION is now slated to air on 209 television stations during prime time in the USA! As wonderful as this is, I know some of you have encountered obstacles to find the film  in your region due to the fact that it is not airing on the same date and time in all cities. The reason for this has nothing to do with our film. This year, for bureaucratic reasons, PBS switched the night that…

Unprecedented 6th Smash Week in NYC & Opening Second NYC Theater! 4th Smash Week Santa Fe! MORE NEW CITIES!

With your help, MY REINCARNATION was held over for a 6th Week at NYC’s Cinema Village this week and will open next week at another New York Cinema: Indiescreen in Brooklyn! Let’s keep it at Cinema Village and in New York City until Christmas. It has also been held over a 4th Week in Santa Fe, NM and is opening in Albuquerque, NM, Portland, Oregon, Gainesville, Florida and in two cinemas in…

Special Events with 5th SMASH Week of MY REINCARNATION!

First of all I just want to say Happy Thanksgiving! With your help, the film has just been held over a 5th Week at New York City’s Cinema Village Theater – a phenomenal success for an independent film like this. It has also been held over at the in Santa Fe, NM and is opening in Albuquerque, NM, Portland, Oregon, Gainesville, Florida and in two cinemas in San Francisco. Believe it or not the…

DAY 5: “Keep Us Alive”

Our Kickstarter countdown has now begun and it is Day 5. There has been so much going on with MY REINCARNATION these last weeks from Toronto to Singapore, Munich to NYC and the “Sneak Preview Screening” at the Rubin Museum of Art. I know I have written so much. Everyone must be sick of me by now! So my team and I decided that it was time to give you a rest and share what other people are…

Exclusive Interview with Yeshi Namkhai on Website!

We are excited to post our first exclusive interview with film protagonist, Yeshi Namkhai, talking about the making of the film MY REINCARNATION! (See The interview was done by Scott Schroeder and filmed by Fabio Dallorto in Baja, California, where Yeshi was teaching in November 2010. Yeshi and his father — the high Tibetan Master,…

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