Making a Life, Not just a Living

Bill Romas Long Island, NY Making a life, not just a living is a pithy instruction from my teacher Lama Surya Das. Many years as an old dharma dog, and affectionate name given to me by Lama Surya, that through devotion, wisdom, there is no separation between the spiritual and the worldly. WE eventually start to see and live the life we were meant to…

An Issue of Life and Death

Christa Bella Sacramento, CA. Website See this face. I saw this face while working my train on 4.15.11. I was serving passengers when I turned and saw him. My jaw nearly hit the floor. It felt like I was IN John Lennon’s presence. I was amazed no one else seemed to notice. When it was his turn to order and he spoke, I nearly died! It was…


  Kris Warrenburg Today I went to the conversation at Rowdy Hall before seeing the film, so some comments were out of context for me. By trade I’m a graphic designer. I’ve been meditating for some time, learning to be present, in the NOW. What clicked for me was a comment that Yeshi made about being like a CHILD and PLAYING with one’s work. (Is…