“You have to pay for your passion!” / MY REINCARNATION Auction Countdown!

Dear Friends,

As we all know, even just from watching the effort with MY REINCARNATION: documentaries don’t make money, nor are they well supported in distribution. I always say when I teach: “You have to pay for your passion.” And indeed we do. Every filmmaker learns to hustle non-stop to get their films made and out to audiences. Without constant hard work, films that have great import for humanity languish without being seen.

Now, the clock is ticking for the primetime US Television Broadcast of MY REINCARNATION as the Premiere of PBS’S POV 25th Anniversary Season on June 21st, 2012. But it is common knowledge that Public Television in the USA is poorly funded by the government. So, if we want people to tune in and turn on MY REINCARNATION on June 20th, we need to add as much financial muscle as possible to buy classic PR and Outreach. That’s why, despite my exhaustion – and I am sure yours too at my constant requests – I am digging deep and launching a final fundraising push for the US Broadcast of MY REINCARNATION with a unique US Spiritual Awareness Campaign (SAC). Our goal is to have all of America see MY REINCARNATION and to use the film to spark interfaith dialogue and a discussion of the value of Tibetan culture.

Join us! Here is what we are doing to raise funds!

All Bids Due Midnight EST Tuesday March 20th, 2012

We are auctioning two precious items donated by the film protagonists themselves – Choegyal Namkhai Norbu and his son, Khyentse Yeshe – at my request:

Green Tara statue: Consecrated inside with all relics of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu’s important teachers such as Rigdzin Jangchub Dorje, Ayu Khandro and Togdan Ugyan Tenzin etc. 21 cm. high. See Statue http://www.myreincarnationfilm.com/Tara1.jpg

Thangka of Vajrasattva: This is a Tibetan Religious painting in male-female union form. It comes from Khyentse Yeshe’s trip in Tibet as seen in MY REINCARNATION. He found it in a special way and is connected with the story of his reincarnation as seen in the film. See Tangka http://www.myreincarnationfilm.com/yeshi-tangka.jpg

We have extended the bidding for these items till Tuesday, March 20 Midnight EST. The winner will be announced on March 21st, 2012. To Bid on either of these items, please send us your bid to info@myreincarnationfilm.com.

GIFTS TO PARTICIPATE: If you’d like to make a smaller donation we are offering these beautiful gifts as a token of our appreciation for your support:

Special Limited Edition Signed DVD of MY REINCARNATION Personally Signed by film protagonist Chögyal Namkhai Norbu
Rinpoche will personally sign each DVD by hand. This DVD will be the US Commercial DVD (NTSC only) to be shipped in July 2012 Only. Limit 20
Donation $200 – (shipping not included)

Exclusive 3-Hour Assembly of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu’s Teachings 2002-2008
Culled from the over 1,000 hours of footage shot for MY REINCARNATION this DVD
is a precious keepsake of Rinpoche’s teachings in the millennium.
Donation $250 – (shipping not included)

Official Signed MY REINCARNATION poster by film protagonist, Khyentse Yeshe
Khyentse personally signed these posters with a beautiful golden pen during his visit to the USA in 2011 for the Theatrical launch of the film. Limit 10.
Donation $350 – (shipping not included)

Mandarava Painting Print by Tibetan Master and Artist, Dugu Choegyal Rinpoche
Limited Edition Print of the Mandarava Painting by Dugu Choegyal Rinpoche and personally signed by Dugu Choegyal Rinpoche himself! Dugu Choegyal oversaw the making of these prints personally for the cause of raising funds for the film.
Donation $500 – (shipping not included)

Click to buy any of the above in our webstore: http://www.myreincarnationfilm.com/store/web-store/

PRESENTING CREDIT ON THE FILM: If you are interested in making a larger donation – either as an individual, a Foundation, or a Corporation, we are also able to offer a Presenting Underwriting Credit on the film MY REINCARNATION to air as the Season Premiere Film on the National Primetime TV Series POV (PBS) for their 25th Anniversary Season on June 21st, 2012. The Underwriter would have their name on the head of the film as a Presenter for each airing, starting with the first night with expected audience of 1.8 million, which will go up to 20+ million, including all digital downloads and PBS web screening possibilities. Presenting Underwriting Credit will also appear on all POV collateral material including Press Releases, Press Kit, Website, etc. This is a great opportunity for enormous press exposure for an individual, a company, or a foundation. Price of Underwriting Credit $100,000 Donation. Funds will be used to expand the national press campaign and outreach events for the film itself (Exact list of add on press activities and outreach events available upon request.). To find out more, please email us at info@myreincarnationfilm.com

* * * *

At this moment, religion is a hot-button issue; all one need do is look to the 2012 presidential race. In such challenging times, however, it is imperative that a safe space be provided for interfaith discourse, in which the emphasis is placed on unifying those of varying faiths and spiritual paths, rather than dividing them. MY REINCARNATION explores universal, non-sectarian issues of father-son relationships; death and dying; and the meaning of our time on Earth. Buddhism, widely accepted in the West and considered by many to be a spiritual practice or philosophy rather than a religion, is an ideal place from which to start asking the big questions.

Support the broadcast and outreach campaign of MY REINCARNATION in any way you can. And if you don’t have disposable income right now, you can help by becoming an outreach partner and spreading the word: MY REINCARNATION is coming to PBS on June 21st, 2012!

Thank you from my heart,

Love Jennifer

PRECIOUS Vajrasatva for Auction for MY REINCARNATION

Gorgeous Green Tara Statue for Auction for MY REINCARNATION



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