A Journey Over Lifetimes

Domo Geshe Rinpoche Central Wisconsin I remember when Robert Thurman came to my place in Upstate NY to request a particular practice and meet me in the late 80′s. I did not give him the practice. That was after HH the Dalai Lama spent a few days at my place. Perhaps he will remember our meeting. I was still in my Tibetan body then. In…

Share Your Story: Khyentse Yeshe talks about the gifts his father passed on to him.

Khyentse Yeshe

Share Your Story: Robert Thurman talks about reincarnation

Robert Thurman

When the Student is Ready; the Teacher Arrives

Chris Flisher Boston, MA We are all travelers with tales to tell. Some of us have had good fortune and some have had bad. What is important is that we evolve and expand in some manner as we make that journey. Whether it is emotional depth we gain, or intellectual vision, or the lightness of simply being, the results are a composite of our impressions and…

Coming home

  Marinelle van Dongen Although I’m 100% Dutch, raised by the most perfect parents you can find, I never felt at home. On my travels, I was always looking for job opportunities abroad hoping that that was the solution. But it was not. Ten years ago, I met Buddhism and realized that this was what I’ve been looking for all my life. I started…
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