Become an Outreach Partner!

Become an Outreach Partner. Spread the word about the film in your community and receive a special Outreach Partner credit on our website. We’d love to discuss partnering with you, your organization, your community to help get the word out about the film. Please contact us and we’ll get the collaborative juices flowing! And of course we need your help broadcasting the theatrical campaign. Facebook it. Tweet it. Sing it from the mountain tops.

Please download our MINI FILM POSTERS for the theatrical campaign — print them out and paste them wherever you can, such as community groups and centers, wherever you think you can get the word out, do it! Even if you cannot contribute, please consider printing out the MINI-POSTER and becoming an Outreach Partner for MY REINCARNATION!

Download our fantastic My Reincarnation flyers!

8.5″ x 11″ (regular) (PDF)
JPG Version

11″ x 17″ (mini-poster) (PDF)
JPG Version

8″ x 10″ (flyer) (PDF)