“God doesn’t have a religion!” / Held Over 8th Week NYC and Opening Many More Cities!

Tonight, I am sitting in Zurich in the Film Podium where they are having a retrospective of my work and where last night we had the Swiss premiere of MY REINCARNATION. As I wait for the film to end to do a question and answer session, I can’t help but think about the whirlwind of the last months. Distributing MY REINCARNATION has put me in contact with so many different spiritual and religious…

Goldie Hawn, 50 Cent, & I: MY REINCARNATION – 7th Fantastic Week in NYC! 32 Cities!

Well I know everyone thinks I am the most outgoing person around, but the truth is I am still shy from my ugly duckling childhood and honestly I am not much of a networker. Last night, my friend Alan Steinfeld took me to ABC Carpet to hear Deepak Chopra and Goldie Hawn speak about her Children’s Foundation. On the way in Alan asked me did I bring a DVD to give to Deepak of the film? “No,…

Unprecedented 6th Smash Week in NYC & Opening Second NYC Theater! 4th Smash Week Santa Fe! MORE NEW CITIES!

With your help, MY REINCARNATION was held over for a 6th Week at NYC’s Cinema Village this week and will open next week at another New York Cinema: Indiescreen in Brooklyn! Let’s keep it at Cinema Village and in New York City until Christmas. It has also been held over a 4th Week in Santa Fe, NM and is opening in Albuquerque, NM, Portland, Oregon, Gainesville, Florida and in two cinemas in…

Share Your Story: Khyentse Yeshe talks about reincarnation

Khyentse Yeshe

In his shadow…

Ken Hubbell    United States Standing at just shy of six feet tall, the smallest of my children now casts a long and dark shadow over his old man. With shoulder pads, another three quarter inch for cleats, and stiff posture, he smiles down at me from his lofty height. Grinning from ear to ear, this once tiny toe-head beams because…
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