Check out our Q + A at Florence!

And watch the cool Q & A session at Festival dei Popoli after the Opening Night screening of MY REINCARNATION, run programmer by Giona A. Nazzaro with filmmaker Jennifer Fox! Located in the gorgeous art deco cinema, THE ODEON, in the Heart of Florence. Italian Rules!



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  1. Julia Donoho says:


    The trailer is beautiful. Really beautiful. Thank you for all you are doing to bring this film to us. Now, I want to see the whole movie, I do not want to wait. For two decades I have practiced what Rinpoche is teaching. Why must we wait for months and months to see the full movie? Oh, I guess time is irrelevant. Nevertheless . . . there are few of us, time is precious. How can I help get this screened in the Bay Area?

    Julia Donoho