DAY 5: “Keep Us Alive”

Our Kickstarter countdown has now begun and it is Day 5. There has been so much going on with MY REINCARNATION these last weeks from Toronto to Singapore, Munich to NYC and the “Sneak Preview Screening” at the Rubin Museum of Art.

I know I have written so much. Everyone must be sick of me by now! So my team and I decided that it was time to give you a rest and share what other people are saying about MY REINCARNATION. These testimonies prove the need to get this film out into the world where everyone can join the experience. Take a look at this new video taken after the sold out New York screening last week…

This morning I received an email from Khyentse Yeshe, our marvelous film protagonist, who has been watching our fundraising campaign and just donated a gorgeous, museum quality, Buddhist Statue as a new incentive on our Kickstarter! It is a very unique statue of the deity Vajrapani in Yab-Yum, Heruka form. This is the main deity from the Terma Teaching of Heka Linga (The name of Rinpoche’s uncle, Khyentse, and Yeshi’s reincarnation). It is very heavy and 40 cm tall and 25 cm width.

Take a look at this fantastic Statue of Vajrapani. You can own this beautiful statue and help MY REINCARNATION at the same time!

Meanwhile, I am receiving hoards of letters every day as MY REINCARNATION travels around the world. I wanted to share some excerpts with you (with the writers’ permission). Here are just a few:

Robyn Bretano (USA) writes:
“It is an amazing film-beautifully shot and edited, and most importantly, intimately revealing in the most loving way because of your relationship with the two Rinpoches. Congratulations for achieving what most documentary filmmakers never do…” 

Kalsang Dolma (Canada) writes:
“I attended the screening at HOT DOCS. I was very emotional and cried at most scenes, which my partner (a Tibetan too) didn’t understand; I guess guys are less emotional or sensitive in general. The fact that this story is such a human story about our spiritual journeys, which also truly reflected the essence of Dzogchen and Rinpoche’s teachings is absolutely wonderful. THANK YOU for working at this journey of Rinpoche and indirectly a journey for all of us… Another amazing thing I found out from the movie was how Rinpoche raised his son Khyentse Rinpoche without conditioning him into restrictive institutional settings/rules etc… And how Khyentse came around to understanding the essence of the teaching following his own experience and path attest to the core of the practice.  In one more word, I would say, WOW!!!”

Thomas Homberg (Germany) writes:
“So thank you again for feeling alive and for a wonderful day in Munich and for the opportunity to see your film!  What I get out of your film for my work is that it is not so important what you do than how you do it. For example as Yeshi said to take work not so important and more like a playing child I’m sure this will help me doing my job in future. It is very precious and I thank for your staying power making it over the years. It seems to me that for a part the story of the film has made itself and you’ve been the precious tool to bring it into the world. Words can’t express how wonderful this is. So thank you for giving birth to this jewel.

MY REINCARNATION is touching diverse people around the world. It is such an important film on so many levels that deserves to be seen by everyone. With your help, once we finish raising its completion costs, MY REINCARNATION will be ready for distribution everywhere. Now Our Kickstarter Campaign has 5 days to go. We have raised an amazing $66,000 from 292 fantastic backers, but we still have $34,000 to go.

Any and every donation is helpful, from $1 up to $10,000.  If you want to help more, consider these fantastic items: the Vajrapani Statue; the Vajrapani Painting, or the Antique Tibetan Chest. Any of these beautiful items are rare treasures for your spiritual practice or just to enjoy. (If you have already bid, you can also change your donation amount to receive one of these gifts.) Donating for them also supports the larger cause of getting MY REINCARNATION completed and to the world!

Doing this campaign, I have learned that 5 days is a lifetime on the Web and anything can happen! So keep spreading the word to your email list, put us up on your facebook, tell your favorite organization, make some phone calls, and of course sing our name! And if you feel like donating or increasing your previous donation, don’t wait.

Check out our Kickstarter site now!

There are not enough words to thank you for all your support!

Love and gratitude,

Jennifer Fox



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  1. It seems as though no one has the motivation to comment. Or perhaps the word has not yet spread. Well… I will comment. I will say that my experience with Tibetan culture and a fine Rinpoche in Lhasa has changed the way I perceive life and death, the way I love life and the mode of my imaging as a photographer. My hat is off to you for your endeavor. I am thrilled to see your work. Honor and gratitude to the path of Dhozchen and the great teachers of this way of being, seeing and living. And to you for keeping your path squarely in front of you!