Dutch Festival Amazing!

I didn’t expect so much love! The rooms have been so crowded and the feedback incredible. Our film has sold out three out of four nights so far. Please look at the little videos of the first screening and Q + A’s below. Also for those of you who are still trying to get tickets don’t give up! It may say it is sold out, but come to the “last minute ticket counter” and sometimes there are still seats! Also if you see me, I can try to slip you in!

Running to the second screening of the film this morning – will report more later!



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  1. josé says:

    hi Jennifer
    Just saw your movie. Didn’t know anything about this Rinpoche men. But somehow the father-son thing in the describing triggerd me. I’m deeply moved by your movie. you did a great jog. Thanks for your patience! José

  2. Maarten says:

    hi Jennifer,
    I just want to say I loved your movie. It was so touching and personal, yet still respectful. Also it was beautiful in many ways. Thank you for making this unique and important work. You will see me again coming Tuesday. Cheers!

  3. Dick Drury says:

    Jennifer – congratulations! It’s as if your dedication and perseverance in acquiring the footage over the years is reflected in the natural intimate reality of the scenes, the characters so comfortable with your camera presence. Thank you for creating this jewel of a film and revealing the history so masterfully! – Dick

  4. shaloo says:

    hi jennifer,
    what a wonderful movie. what great footage that one could never otherwise see. Such private moments captured on film for the whole world to share. it was very touching as well.
    it is really like being with that family and understanding their live. fantaStic. THANK YOU VERY MUCH

  5. Loek Jehee says:

    Dear Jennifer,
    This is a Masterpiece. Not only did you capture a hidden and private process of struggle, maturation and fruition into becoming a teacher. Also the essence of the deep spiritual teachings is clearly manifested by the Master Choegyal Namkhai Norbu himself and his approach of self-liberating, non-conditioning confidence. This movie is beyond being a documentary. It is a Document. It is a message of hope to all who are following a spiritual path, that eventually the fruit will manifest by itself.

  6. carola says:

    What a blessing, and how beautifully done, and how precious it is for me as “audience” to become so intimitely involved in rinpoche’s and yeshi’s developments. i am an old time Dzog Chen practitioner of rinpoche, you brought me back into the old days and showed the amazing new manifestations, the expanding vision and yeshi’s “coming out” . What a master-teacher is arising. and so honest and very authentic. What a great teaching is shared about “dreaming’, visions and true nature. A welcome antidote for the dominant daily life,the negative thinking, fantasy/daydreaming worlds and emotional reactivity. Thank you very much. May this movie finds its way in the big theatres and mainstream programming…

  7. Drime says:

    HI Jennifer, I saw the movie yesterday and was very much touched by it. Moments catpru Yeshe’s maturity for over 20 years on this path make such a life time story. Thank you!