When God Speaks

Bev Janson

Clinton, TN

It started by someone asking me a question. “Who is God”? Since there was no one in the room with me, I thought I was going crazy, but I answered anyway. “God is the person upstairs who sits in a concrete throne throwing thunderbolts at people for no apparent reason.” The voice answered, “I don’t like that God either, come here, I want to show you something”. And so began an amazing journey at the age of 38, finding the “real” God. I believe I did.

I took a waitress position in a restaurant run by my friend. She was desperate for help and even though, I knew it wasn’t a job I would relish, I took it. Several weeks went by and then one day a young couple entered the restaurant. My first instinct was “UH-OH”, these people are trouble, probably skinheads. I even pointed them out to my boss and she laughed. I went over to take their order, prepared for anything. They started to speak and suddenly,the air around me changed, and waves of love washed over me and through me and a voice spoke, It was words but in pure voice (don’t ask me what that means to this day I can’t describe it) “Feed my children”, and I knew that I knew that I knew, it was God. When God speaks, which is rare you listen, you have to. So after I brought their order I told them that someone had done a random act of kindness and paid for their lunch, I had paid for it but this wasn’t about me. They started talking to me slowly at first and then in a rush they told me that they were homeless and living under the overpass and trying to hitch hike to the girls mothers house and there was one more waiting back at the bridge for leftovers. Well, that did it. My boss and I let them clean up in the restroom, piled the food high and I gave them my tip money for the day. They asked how they could pay me back and I said just pay it forward whenever you can.

I tell this story not to show how great I am but how great and good that God is. For I in fact had been suspicious of them at first and in a bad mood. But when God speaks and I know for sure it WAS God, you listen. Throughout my spiritual journey I have learned that we have lived before, that Jesus taught Buddhist principles (Reap what you sow-Karma), and that God is bigger and wiser than even we can imagine and the LOVE is to be shared and given. Forgiveness is a must and compassion for others. This is my story and this is how I live my life. Thank You for letting me share.



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