Incredible! MY REINCARNATION nominated for EMMY! Now streaming WORLDWIDE!

Sometimes life turns up a bit of  ‘icing on the cake’ as I like to call it and I must say hearing that MY REINCARNATION was nominated for an Emmy Award was one of those icing moments.Personally, I never struggled more to make a film. The twenty-year journey on MY REINCARNATION was filled with doubt and dread at the impossible task of trying to tell a true-life Buddhist story for a general audience. Many times I thought I wouldn’t be able to complete this film. Broadcasters I knew for years laughed at me when I told them I want to make a spiritual film. Faced with the market difficulties, there were days I was convinced it would ruin my career.But life is strange. Armed with my devotion to my Teacher, Choegyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche—and quite honestly the guilt that haunted me if I didn’t finish this film—I kept recording. Any one who has ever been a film subject even for one day knows how exhausting and invasive it can be. Looking back now, I can’t believe that Rinpoche and his son, Yeshi, let me follow them around the world with my camera for twenty years. Their endless patience and honesty was a great teaching for me. Moreover, I was overwhelmed by the support from so many people globally who donated funds and outreach to get the film made.The result has exceeded all my expectations and proved that faith is powerful. As my USA DVD distributor, Susan Margolin said when she heard about the Emmy Award nomination, This film just never dies! It’s the little engine that could!” MY REINCARNATION is both a testament to the extraordinary openness and generosity of the film’s protagonists, Rinpoche and Yeshi, and it is proof that there is a huge hunger globally for spiritual stories. I hope that broadcasters and funders will see this and support more spiritual stories being made.

With all the excitement, here’s some wonderful ways to see the film and share it with your friends across the world. Please pass on these links!

  • In North America, in honor of My Reincarnation’s Primetime Emmy nomination, you can now purchase the film for 10% off on the USA Cinedigm website by entering the discount code MREIN12 at checkout!
  • Worldwide you can now rent or download the film everywhere via the Distrify platform (outside of the USA, Spain and Germany where this capability already exists)! On Distrify you will find MY REINCARNATION for streaming and download in the 82 minute version with English subtitles.
  • Internationally, if you would like to see MY REINCARNATION in its longer 120 minute form (with additional extras and 8 subtitle languages – English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Romanian, and Chinese), you can still purchase the film on DVD via our web store.

Whether MY REINCARNATION wins an Emmy Award or not, just being nominated is a huge honor for the film and an award in itself. But we’ll let you know what happens on October 2nd when the Awards Ceremony takes place for the 34th Annual News & Documentary Emmy at Lincoln Center in New York City!

Thank you all for your support!

New York, NY



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