‘RE-MEMBERING’ 2012 with LOVE! Or how I forgot an entire year…

Happy New Year!
As I get older, the speed each year passes is a testament to impermanence. I don’t know if it’s the pace of my personal life, aging, or just a sign of the multitasking technical era we live in – but much of 2012 already seems like an old dream, foggy, and fading on the edges. I actually have trouble remembering what I did this year because my life was so intense! So the following is as much an act of ‘re-membering’ – giving body to what is formless – for me as it is to tell you…2012 was a year of completions and new beginnings! It started with the continued exciting buzz of the MY REINCARNATION theatrical tour of in cinemas across America. In February and March, I traveled to Europe where the film showed  – with master classes and retrospectives – in Romania, Sweden, Scotland, and Switzerland. After that, I was off to Amsterdam to develop my new fiction screenplay in a three month Directing Fellowship at the Dutch Binger Lab. In June, I returned to the USA to participate in the U.S. Satellite Media Tour of MY REINCARNATION with esteemed Dzogchen Master and film protagonist, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu (that YOU helped raise funds for!). On June 21st MY REINCARNATION premiered on national public television on P.O.V where over 2 million people saw it and the film was officially released on DVD in America. Community screenings of the film continue all over the USA – and the world – even making it to the Tibetan Community, in India, at the Dharamshala International Film Festival! (Weirdly, MY REINCARNATION saved me from Hurricane Sandy; I was high and dry in the Himalayas showing the film, while our office was without electricity and underwater in lower Manhattan!) But Fall was also a time to dig in and edit and master the 3-Hour Teaching DVD of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu and finish the exciting translating of MY REINCARNATION (thanks to YOUR help, our friends and practitioners!) into eight languages, culminating in the international release of the Ultimate Collector’s Edition DVD of MY REINCARNATION!

To those of you who bought the DVD, we’re been mailing your orders for several weeks now up until today, December 21, before our office closes for the holidays. All orders for the international Ultimate Collector’s Edition DVD of MY REINCARNATION (with special features, 8 subtitle languages — again, thanks to your support! — and more!) and the 3-Hour Teaching DVD of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu have gone out through this week, so please be patient and your order should arrive soon!

We are so proud of the accomplishments of MY REINCARNATION over the last years and how the film has spoken to so many people across the globe and allowed them to share the extraordinary teachings of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu and his son Yeshi. We just wanted to pass this message on to you: thank you for all of your support. Whether you donated via our website, through our record-busting Kickstarter campaign, through our auctions, or just sent an encouraging email, we thank you for embarking on this journey with us, twenty years in the making! Filmmaking is not a business: It is a passion, a calling – some even call it madness – but whatever name you put to it, it really does take a village to achieve a special film like this one. We are grateful for your help in allowing MY REINCARNATION to make it into the world and hope we can continue to make meaningful films with your support in the future!

Wishing you love and joy for 2013 and beyond!

Love, Jennifer and Stefanie (2 independent contractors)

Happy Holidays!



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