It has been a long time since I reached out to you. This month, I am back on a plane heading to show MY REINCARNATION in festivals in Sweden, Romania, and Scotland. The film will also be on tour with the Buddhist Film Festival in Hong Kong, Bangkok, and London. MY REINCARNATION just opened theatrically in Germany and Switzerland.

In the USA, MY REINCARNATION is still playing in cinemas after 6 months and has now reached 55 cities and is still going strong. Diverse spiritual and religious leaders – from Rabbis to Catholic Priests to Shamans to Zen Masters and more – have hosted screenings in local cinemas across America prompting rich interfaith conversations everywhere. It is surprising to witness how moving the conversations are with audiences after film screenings. There seems to be a real hunger for dialogue about the meaning of spirituality in these modern times.
Recently, I flew to Denver, Colorado for the film’s Opening Night at the Denver Film Center. Joining me on stage to co-host the discussion afterwards was a person I had never met before: Rabbi Steven Booth-Nadav, founder of Wisdom House Denver. Prompted by MY REINCARNATION’s spiritual family story, the two of us leap into a conversation about ‘the meeting with the Devine’. Rabbi Booth-Nadav talked about how meeting other religions – such as the Tibetan Buddhism in the film – provided a mirror for his own search for the Divine. He asked the audience how the film reflected their own notions of spirit? One young man from South East Asia spoke about how he, like Norbu Rinpoche in the film, was raised in a monastery. Watching MY REINCARNATION made him think about how we all create our own monastery no matter where we are and carry it with us. Another young woman shared how learning about Tibetan Dream Yoga in the film confirmed her own powerful dream life that no one seemed to value but her. Now she wanted to learn more about how to develop more clarity in her dreams. I was so inspired by the sensitivity of the audience and the openness of Rabbi Booth-Nadav, who told me how he is not afraid of the intermingling of religious paths, saying “that if a well runs dry, do you let it die, or instead add fresh water from another well?”
This is just one of countless conversations I have the privilege to participate in as MY REINCARNATION meets audiences across USA. The impact of the film’s successful theatrical release prompted POV, the acclaimed PBS Documentary Television Series, to select MY REINCARNATION to be the Opening Film of its 25th Anniversary Season. The film will air on National Prime Time Television on June 21, 2012. This first broadcast will be shown in the top 50 markets and spark many more screenings and events across the country. MY REINCARNATION will reach 1.5-2 million households the first night.  In addition, the film will go on to be seen by over 20 million people on-air, online, and on the ground within the first weeks. The broadcast is scheduled right before Chögyal Namkhai Norbu’s USA Teaching Tour, which commences June 22 in Los Angeles and continues onto New York and Massachusetts.

Our goal is to use MY REINCARNATION to launch a National Spiritual Awareness Campaign (NSAC) across the country that will begin before the broadcast and continue for the entire year. To do so we have committed to raise additional funds to support the broadcast and create additional events for the NSAC.

1. Additional PR Funds: While MY REINCARNATION is perfectly positioned in its airdate and slot, the United States is a huge market and competition for attention is fierce. Many programs have much higher press budgets than what is afforded by Public Television. Because of this I am committed to raise additional PR funds – from $60,000 up to $150,000 – so that we can ensure that this rare story and opportunity for cross-faith dialogue gets promoted properly. The additional funds will pay for a series of additional Satellite PR events on TV and Radio with the film’s protagonist, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu himself, along with extra advertising on national radio and beyond,  and interfaith panel discussions with the film in schools, religious groups and community organization to promote cross-faith dialogue and discussion about spirituality. (Complete List and Budget Available upon request).

One opportunity has emerged: We are now allowed to offer a singular donor or organization the ability to have their name on the film as an Underwriter Credit for a minimum donation of $100,000. The person or organization would have a Presenting Credit at the head of the film for the duration of its broadcast over a period of four years. They would also have their name on all press materials. That person or organization would get enormous PR exposure. (The person or organization must pass PBS’s vetting standards.) We have to lock in the Presenter Credit no later than March 15th. If you know any person or group who might like to take part in the film in this way, please contact us at

However, if you can’t be the film’s ‘Underwriter’, we understand! You can still contribute to the campaign by making a donation via PayPal through our website here.

2. National Launch of the Spiritual Awareness Campaign: With A Day-And-Date National Screening Event of MY REINCARNATION in 20 Cinemas across the USA with a Satellite Q&A/Teaching with Chögyal Namkhai Norbu and local live panelists afterwards in each cinema location.

Utilizing cutting-edge satellite technology, we are planning a National One Night Screening Event scheduled for June 20, 2012 preceding the Broadcast on June 21 2012. The event would occur in at least 20 high-end cinema venues.  The film would be simultaneously beamed into cinemas across the USA and afterwards the audience would have the chance to meet Rinpoche directly in a Satellite Q&A Teaching.  Each city hosting a screening would have local religious and spiritual leaders in the cinema to continue the discussion live after the screening and satellite Q + A with Rinpoche.

While this event will cost money (that we must now raise), it has the exciting potential to turn a substantial profit in a short amount of time that can go to the investor or any cause that he/she identifies. A portion of the profit will be donated to the film’s protagonists Chögyal Namkhai Norbu and Khyentse Yeshe. We are looking for an investor – or group of investors – to underwrite this singular event. (Full Proposal and Budget Breakdown Available up on Request.)

Please let us know if you or anyone you know is interested in this participating in this wonderful and powerful opportunity to create a cutting edge interfaith film event across the country. We must raise these funds by March 15th 2012, if we are going to have time to prepare everything, so time is of the essence. You can contact us at

3. To Help Raise Funds for the USA Spiritual Awareness Campaign: The Protagonist of the Film, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche and Khyentse Yeshe Generously Donated Precious Spiritual Objects to Auction:
Chögyal Namkhai Norbu Donated a Green Tara statue. He writes:
“I am sending to you to auction a Green Tara statue. I consecrated it with all relics of my important teachers such as Rigdzin Jangchub Dorje, Ayu Khandro and Togdan Ugyan Tenzin etc.  It is 21 cm. high.  You can see its photograph in the attachment.”
See Statue Here
Khyentse Yeshe Donated a Vajrasattva Tangka. He writes:
“I would like to donate to you to auction the most nice and valuable object I own that comes from my trip in Tibet. It is a Tangka of Vajtasattva Yab Yum form made with nice colors and gold; it was found in a special way and means a lot to me, it is connected with this story of my reincarnation”
See Tangka Here

All bids must be made by March 13. The winner will be announced March 15th. To bid, please note which object and email us at

My dear friends please consider bidding on these most precious objects. All bids must be made by March 13. The winner will be announced March 15th. Please write us and specify which item you are bidding on by email at

Meanwhile, any and all help, large and small is extremely welcome in this last big fundraising push for our Spiritual Awareness Campaign. To make a donation with your credit card, go directly to our website.

Thank you from my heart,

With Love and Gratitude,

Jennifer Fox



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