“Never Too Old to Fail”/ Another Video OFF with Rinpoche! / 2 Days Left Auction!

I remember when I first met Khyentse Yeshe, the son and protagonist in MY REINCARNATION, he said to me in an off handed way, “Whenever you try to do something difficult, you fail and fail and fail, until you succeed.” At first I didn’t relate at all. The word “failure” is very un-American. In fact it is something almost extinct from the American business and political vocabulary. But Yeshi is Italian and being so, he is more comfortable with a wider spectrum of experience. The more I thought about what he was saying, the more I realized he was right. What’s hard to realize when you are young is that ‘failing’ is a way to grow. Failing is information that then gets processed back and allows you to make an adjustment the next time. The older I get the more I realize how much I fail in the world before success comes….

So now, I want to admit to you one of my current “failures”:  With only 48 hours left to bid, I have discovered that our Auction to raise monies for the MY REINCARNATION Broadcast Studio Press Tour is not yet working. We have not had any bids for the rare Vajrasatva Thangka donated by Khyentse Yeshe that is related to his previous incarnation and trip to Tibet, nor the special Green Tara Statue donated and authenticated by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu himself.

I feel really badly that these very precious items offered to help the US Press Tour are not being bid upon, but I realize that I may have failed to estimate correctly the ability for people to give at this time. Moreover, this week I learned something else: We added a new beautiful auction item – the Vajrapani Yab Yum Tibetan Statue donated by Tsegyalgar East – at a much lower starting bid and it was immediately bid on! This has confirmed to me what probably seems obvious to all of you. So in the spirit of fail, learn, adjust, change, and hopefully succeed, we have decided to drop the starting bids on auction for the Green Tara Statue and the Vajrasattva Thangka!

The items will now have lower starting bids, however all bids are still due by tomorrow night April 7th at 12AM USA EST or April 7th at 6am Western Europe Time!

Gorgeous Green Tara Statue: New Starting Bid $1,500!
Precious Thangka of Vajrasattva: New Starting Bid $3,000!

Only 24 hours left to bid. All bids due April 7th at 12AM midnight USA EST. Don’t Miss Out! Click here to check out the auctions!

So please take a look again and join the effort! If no one bids in the next 24 hours, we will remove these precious items from Auction for now, accept momentary failure, and adjust our strategies! So don’t wait, the deadline is April 7th at midnight EST!

Meanwhile, you can still participate in these other ways:

1. Third Auction Item Vajrapani Yab Yum Statue: Donated by the Tsegyalgar East Dzogchen Community. You can still bid on this gorgeous Tibetan Statue will be consecrated during Rinpoche’s Summer Retreat in July 2012 and shipped to the winner!

Vajrapani Yab Yum Statue: Starting Bid $1,000!

For this Item all bids due April 13th at 12AM midnight EST. Don’t Miss Out!

2. PARTICPATE WITH A DONATION: Please Feel Free to Donate Any Amount Here on our Website.  (Note: if you prefer to make a tax-exempt donation, please write us.)

3. BUY GIFTS IN OUR WEBSTORE: We are offering these beautiful gifts as a token of our appreciation for your support: Click to Buy Any Gifts in our Web store.

To thank you from our hearts for your continued patience and support of this long and extensive MY REINCARNATION campaign, we want to offer another little morsal to enjoy. We have just edited another Outtake From the Film O.F.F. #8: “Becoming Italian” (1989) Here, Chogyal Namkhai Norbu returns from a long day teaching at Naples University to Bruno’s home, where he and Rosa are staying. There he enjoys a quick moment of calisthenics before dinner of his favorite pizza. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO!

With Love and Gratitude!




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