Why Participate?


MY REINCARNATION is just beginning to venture into the world, starting by being invited to three prestigious International Festivals this past fall and even more festivals around the globe this year. Amazing partners have joined me along the way, including ARTE (German-French TV), Swiss TV, The Dutch Buddhist Broadcasting Foundation, Finish TV, The Buddhist Film Society, Impact Partners and PBS’ Premiere Series, POV, among others, but it takes a village!

MY REINCARNATION needs your help now more than ever. After twenty years of working by hook or by crook, the production is still 100K away from making it out into the world and another 40-70K to having a strong theatrical release in the USA.


It may seem strange that a film so successful still needs funding, but this is the state of independent documentary filmmaking in the world. Independent documentary making does not follow a capitalist model, which judges success by the dollars a product makes in the market place, but more of a NGO or non-profit model, which judges success by the number of people it reaches and the change it effects. Because of all the film’s success so far, we have the opportunity to have the film reach millions worldwide. People are interested in programming it and airing it everywhere. However, the challenge is ours to raise funds to complete the film so it can get to the audiences that will and can actively watch it and use it as a tool in their lives to learn about the Tibet heritage and this special story.

Moreover, with documentary films like this not only production, but distribution is dependent on donations or state grants to fund the outreach to a broad audience. MY REINCARNATION is a classic ‘social issue’ film that can and will have a broad impact on communities everywhere if the funds can be found to do the work properly.


Your support will help us finish the film and allow us to spread the story of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu and his son, Yeshi, to the world. With such an incredibly important, personal, spiritual, and international story, I believe it is crucial to that it gets to the largest audience possible. Besides releasing it on international television to as many territories as possible, we also hope to launch a theatrical release of MY REINCARNATION in the USA and other countries. The market is harder then ever, however, and we can’t do it without you! Please consider helping in any way you can.

If you are able to contribute financially we have amazing incentives on our Kickstarter Site (LINK). If you can spread the word about our Kickstarter (LINK) campaign to your friends, on Facebook, to strangers in the grocery store we would be eternally grateful!

Here’s a breakdown of how we plan to use the funds:

1.     Pay for Film Music Rights (for world release)
2. Pay for Film Sound Design and Mix
3. Pay for Editing Film Trailer
4. Pay for Subtitling Final Film in English
5. Pay for Editing various versions of the film to share in as many different outlets as possible: Theatrical, Domestic Broadcast, International Broadcast
6. Pay for Translation and Subtitling Final DVD into Spanish, Russian, French, Chinese, German, Italian, Hindu and more….
7. Pay for the creation of an Educational Guide to accompany the film to schools and universities. The Educational Guide will also be made available for free download from the website.
8. Pay for A Multi-city Theatrical Release in the USA


There is a Co-Executive Producer credit available at $50,000, an Executive Producer credit at $60,000 and a Presenting Partner / Executive Producer credit at $80,000. Your name will appear in the credits for all US Festivals, multi-city US Theatrical, Some International TV and PBS. And IMDB of course! These donations are tax deductible through our 501(c)(3) partner The Buddhist Film Foundation. Please note that these are honorary titles and do not engender any creative or business involvement/decision-making nor does the credit entitle any claim of ownership.


Most films that you might want to make a donation to are high risk propositions: will they even get finished and be any good, let alone be seen by more than the filmmaker’s friends and family? MY REINCARNATION is a rare, no risk film that has already received acclaim but needs your help to reach the larger world. Your donation will go to a project that once it makes it’s budget is guaranteed distribution on television channels all over the globe, will be translated into at least seven languages, and will play in cinemas in many countries! See your name in lights!


Just click KICKSTARTER and you will find instructions on how to proceed.


Yes and Yes! Just click click KICKSTARTER and you will see that you can pay with a credit card from any country! But you must finish the Amazon checkout process for your pledge to be recorded. If you have any problems just contact us.


Become an Outreach Partner. Spread the word about the film in your community and receive a special Outreach Partner credit on our website. We’d love to discuss partnering with you, your organization, your community to help get the word out about the film. Please contact us and we’ll get the collaborative juices flowing!

And of course we need your help broadcasting the Kickstarter campaign. Facebook it. Tweet it. Sing it from the mountain tops.