My Reincarnation Sneak Preview Screening in California video and Kickstarter plege items!

Hi everyone! Check out the latest video in our gallery for a fun and fascinating post-screening discussion of MY REINCARNATION with director Jennifer Fox and moderator Gaetano Maida at the Smith Rafael Film Center in San Rafael, California!

Besides that, here is an important message for our Kickstarter backers: as you can see from our recent blogs and updates, we are getting ready to bring MY REINCARNATION to theaters across America, but we haven’t forgotten you at all!

We have been gathering all your pledge items to ship this summer. This includes a wide variety of objects, from books to shirts, to DVDs, furniture, and your precious works of art! With that said, because of the amount of items it has taken longer than we hoped to have everything ready, but we will be sending them out as soon as we can, and we apologize for the delay.

In addition to sending your pledge items out, we are making sure that those who have purchased or pledged for the Limited Edition Sneak Preview DVD of MY REINCARNATION will get their DVD as soon as possible – but no later than the end of summer – when they are ready for shipment, we will send out an email.

There are still a few donors who have not responded to our Kickstarter survey email requesting information — such as your address or your t-shirt size for the t-shirt pledge, for example. If you haven’t already filled out your info/responded to our Kickstarter survey email, please log into Kickstarter and do so — otherwise we won’t have an address to send you your item! If you haven’t and are unable to update it through Kickstarter, please email us as soon as possible at

Again, thank you for your patience and support!

Your item is on its way!

Best wishes,




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