Share Your Story: Khyentse Yeshe talks about the gifts his father passed on to him.

Khyentse Yeshe



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  1. Jennifer Fox says:

    When I hear Khyentse talk about how his father gave him freedom, it really reminds me how much freedom my parents gave me. It was a very special gift. In doing so they let me follow my own passions and discover my own interests. They followed behind my curiosity with support and encouragement. This is how I arrived at being a filmmaker, something no one in my family had ever done before.

  2. Ugyen Lhendup says:

    ‘My Incarnation’ I love its Four unique ness; Unclaimed and very modern way of lensing how Lama or Rinpoche Should be recognised. A unique freedom of relantionship between parent and children’ s growth, A resonating reminder to discover one nature
    mind and A master piece devotion of Jenifer to Her Teacher…I am touched! Keep up the good job Jenifer … My prayers and wishes for your next endeavour. I know Person like you will alws see other from your heart! Smile and Love … Ugyen