It was another amazing screening for MY REINCARNATION at Hotdocs in Toronto with a packed audience! What a scene. We did a long question and answer session afterwards with the audience. I will be posting photos and more video in the next days. Right now I am exhausted!

After the screening, we walked outside and a bunch of people surrounded me asking questions. That’s what you always hope for: That the film provokes people to talk and to think.

“How did it affect you making this film?” One man asked.

I felt shy to be asked such a personal question: “It was amazing to spend so much time inside the world of a Tibetan Master, such as Choegyal Namkhai Norbu. Making the film was my practice. I saw Yeshi change over so many years…” I said, not sure how to respond.

“But how did that affect you?” The man persisted.

“It was very powerful to be around Yeshi in those days.” It felt too public of a space to talk intimately. “Yeshi’s energy changed when he was going through his awakening…. Just to be near him had an effect on me personally….”

“Oh…” said the man and he grew silent.

I was relieved to move on to an easier question from the group. It is not that I want to be dismissive, but it is so hard to discuss the affect of making this film for over 20 years – and perhaps it will take me years to be able to talk about it. Meanwhile I am just so happy that the film is affecting so many people…. More to follow.

On Tuesday I fly to Singapore and the ASIAN BUDDHIST FILM FESTIVAL, where the film will screen on Saturday, May 7th at 6:30 pm – but is already SOLD OUT!!!!

  1. paula says:

    I am so glad that so many people around the world are having the opportunity to meet Rinpoche and Yeshe through this remarkable film!!!