My first spiritual experience

jen headshot3 289783 57x57 My first spiritual experience
Jennifer Fox

Director, My Reincarnation

When I was very young, we lived in the suburbs, which was more like the country side. Across from our home was a sheep farm and in another direction was a vast wooded area, where there was a walking trail. My memory is that I used to wander in the woods alone when I was 5 and 6 years old, but perhaps I was with my older brother Harry, two years my senior.

I have always remembered a very specific experience at that age of looking up at the trees in the forest and feeling their energy in my body. I also could see the colors of the rainbow like an aura moving softly around the tree trunks and limbs. It was a very strong sensation and vision for me that was extremely beautiful. It made me feel that what was inside of me and outside of me was made of the same energy. I was sure we were one.

At a certain moment in my childhood I lost the ability “to feel the energy in trees”, but I mourned this loss. Later as I grew up it was the source of my desire for spirituality. I wanted to get the ability back to see the energy in trees and all life.



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