An Issue of Life and Death

Christa Bella Sacramento, CA. Website See this face. I saw this face while working my train on 4.15.11. I was serving passengers when I turned and saw him. My jaw nearly hit the floor. It felt like I was IN John Lennon’s presence. I was amazed no one else seemed to notice. When it was his turn to order and he spoke, I nearly died! It was…

Share Your Story: Khyentse Yeshe talks about reincarnation

Khyentse Yeshe

Share Your Story: Robert Thurman talks about reincarnation

Robert Thurman

Coming home

  Marinelle van Dongen Although I’m 100% Dutch, raised by the most perfect parents you can find, I never felt at home. On my travels, I was always looking for job opportunities abroad hoping that that was the solution. But it was not. Ten years ago, I met Buddhism and realized that this was what I’ve been looking for all my life. I started studying and…

Where do I come from?

  Herko van Bergen   When I was about 5 or 6 years old, I remember that I that I started to question -like so many children do at that age- where I came from. Upon asking my father he answered, just as a way of saying, which I believe was done more often in the 50’s in Holland, “from the red cabbage.” I found that quite ridiculous of course;…

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