Where do I come from?

Herko van Bergen

When I was about 5 or 6 years old, I remember that I that I started to question -like so many children do at that age- where I came from. Upon asking my father he answered, just as a way of saying, which I believe was done more often in the 50′s in Holland, “from the red cabbage.” I found that quite ridiculous of course; how could I come from a red cabbage!? The origin of this saying is unclear to me ’till the present day. What I remember very clearly however, is that I deeply felt that I did not come from anywhere but that I ALWAYS existed. I could not imagine that I ever NOT existed. Why now as Herko, I could not answer for myself. It did not matter much; the feeling gave me a completely satisfying sense of infinity and spaciousness.



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  1. Jennifer Fox says:

    That is so wonderful that you knew that you always existed — in fact that is what reincarnation is. What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing it!

  2. Louise says:

    Since a young age i felt i could tell a few weeks/sometimes days before meeting someone that i would meet someone who would be in my life for a reason and that i had meet them before. I could never figure out where i had know them from but the feeling was so strong. Twice before meeting people in my life who became very good/close friends, and after experiencing this feeling a few weeks before that i would meet them, when talking to them they told me that they knew me from somewhere, and that they had a sense they would meet me weeks before they did. We lost touch sometimes, our lifes went differant directions, but always “by chance” we would meet again. Really by chance, once after 7 years, i took a differant way home, not really sure why i felt like going that way that evening, and i bumped into my friend i had lost contact with 7 years ealier. More then once we would lose contact, move home, even move to a differant city, but always these people seem to cross my path. i read somewhere that when this happens, they are family from a past life, i could be wrong about that? but it would be nice if that was the case. When my children where born i felt i had knowen they before also. ( but thats a long story) Thanks.