MY REINCARNATION in Chinese + New 3 Hour DVD + Heading for Dharamsala!

Somehow, September always feels like the beginning of the year to me. An old habit, I am sure, from school starting up again every Fall. This summer, I have been watching the new World Trade Tower rising from our loft office in Tribeca and have been filled with memories of living through that day, eleven years ago that just passed.

While we have been quiet on the newsletter front, the summer has been an exciting time for MY REINCARNATION. The film launched on US Public Television on POV and was seen by approximately 2 million people in its first broadcast and streaming period (the film will continue to be rebroadcast on American Television for the next three years). The exciting Satellite Television Tour featuring Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche and I – which so many of you so generously help support ­– was seen by approximately 1.5 million viewers. Moreover, 900,000+ people listened to the Radio Tour interviews. At the same time, MY REINCARNATION was launched on DVD in the USA and on Netflix and iTunes, as well as on DVD in Germany and soon in Spain and Argentina!

In our office, Stefanie Diaz and I have been busy all summer working on fulfilling orders for MY REINCARNATION and preparing two wonderful new items: the Three Hour Chögyal Namkhai Norbu Teaching DVD – which we just finished and shipped to all preorders this week – and the Ultimate Multi-Lingual MY REINCARNATION DVD, which will have six languages that we are still working on.

It was a great pleasure to sit in our little editing room for hours upon hours of Rinpoche’s Teachings to make the selections to create the Three Hour Chögyal Namkhai Norbu Teaching DVD. I had forgotten the wealth of Rinpoche’s teachings we filmed over the decades. The DVD is packed with accessible, profound teachings – from six different countries – shot in 2002 and 2008. Take a look at the rich menu of topics included with subjects ranging from how to be present in daily life, the attitude a mother should have during pregnancy, facing death and dying, and much more. I am grateful to Rinpoche for having approved the publication of this fantastic special edition DVD. A limited number of DVD’s can still be purchased on our website for the donation price of $250. They are a precious gift to have.

All funds from these sales will go to help support the making of the Ultimate Multi-Lingual MY REINCARNATION DVD, which we are hard at work creating. Unfortunately, the cost of making this Multilanguage DVD is much, much higher than we budgeted for almost a year ago when we did our Kickstarter campaign, so any and all donations would be gratefully accepted towards this goal. Thanks to Martin Fernandez Cufre and Wes G., we will be able to add Spanish and Chinese to the other languages to be included on the DVD – along with Russian, French, German, Italian, English and Romanian – for a fabulous eight-language version of the film to be experienced by people around the globe! (I am especially excited about the Chinese translation, since the Chinese population makes up half the globe!) Stefanie has done a marvelous design for the new DVD, which will include extra features such as outtakes from the film and an interview with Khyentse Yeshe at the New York opening premiere. The DVD is not quite ready to master for completion yet, as we are still creating these subtitles, but we are aiming to have it produced and begin shipping by early October. (To those who have pre-ordered, forgive us as we ask your patience a little longer!)

Check out our website as we have just completely revamped the MY REINCARNATION web store. There you can find a variety of DVDs, books by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu, and other wonderful items and Buddhist gifts for your friends and family.

Meanwhile MY REINCARNATION continues to screen all over the world, including more screenings in the USA, Russia, Germany, Argentina, Italy, and more. I am excited to announce that it will soon be showing in Dharamsala in India to the Tibetan community in exile at the new Dharamshala International Film Festival, created by my dear friends and talented filmmakers, Ritu Sarin and Tenzin Sonam. I have been invited to speak with the film so will be flying to India at the end of October. I look forward to sharing the news of this special event.

Until then, I am sending love to all you who have supported this special project for so many years,




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